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Larry Huggins

Rev. Larry Huggins, author and missionary statesman, has surrounded the world with his faith and love since the Lord appeared to Him, and called him into His service as a young man. Countless numbers of people have attended his miracle crusades and teaching seminars overseas and across the nation. Larry first began preaching in Arkansas mountain “wood-stove” community churches as he calls them. Today his calling has taken him many times around the world to more than fifty-six nations.

Rev. Huggins’ powerful ministry is a balance of the Word and the Spirit. Working with him, Jesus confirms the Word with signs following.

Formerly called World Embassy, Larry’s ministry is now called Ambassador International Ministries, Inc. His beautiful wife, Loretta, works beside him in the ministry. They have four sons and one grandson.

Rev. Huggins is a popular convention and seminar speaker, well known for his prophetic and inspirational ministry.

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