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Roliti - Roliti
POP (2006-09)

Roliti is a christian pop/R&B band from Europe, Estonia. Roliti is three girls - Roosi, Liisi and Tiina. Name Roliti comes from their names. Girls started singing together in March 2006. Liisi had written many songs and they began singing those songs. In July 2006 Roliti recorded their first songs. Roliti's first concert took place also in July 2006 in Hiiumaa. For now they have performed many times in Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and other places in Estonia. In spring they will go to Finland.

Roliti's first CD came out in September 2006. CD is named "Roliti" and it had to introduce Roliti. CD has six songs on it. Liisi has written mostly all songs ("Much More" is written by Mart Vares and Siim Usin).

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1. Much More
2. Usun
3. It Will Be OK
4. Annan Südame
5. Thank You
6. Kõik Sulle

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