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It is clear that outside of Estonia there is just the postal system we can rely on when mailing stuff. Postage depends on the number of items ordered (the weight of the packet) and on the destination. As these are different, we have to calculate every order separately. Which means that after you have placed your order, we'll e-mail you and let you know how much do you have to pay additional for the postage.

Once you have made your selections and clicked on Place Order, your order is gonna reach our customer service. Then it's gonna be verified whether the items you have ordered are actually in stock or whether we have to order these. If the items are in stock, we'll inform you by e-mail and let you know the total, postage included. Receiving payment from outside of Estonia can be a problem, as we don't accept credit cards yet. When living in the US, you can mail a personal check or money order, customers in other countries have to either make a bank transfer or we can agree on some other form of payment, dependent on the country (different countries have different rules and regulations and also payment options). As soon as we get your payment, we'll mail your order. In case we don't have the items in stock, we'll inform you how long does it take for us to get these back in stock. Once they are back in stock, you'll get another e-mail about these items being available again. If your order includes items both in stock and out of stock, there are two options: you'll wait until all the items are in stock or we'll divide it into two orders, mailing one as soon as we get the payment and deal with the rest as it were a separate order.

The inventory of our store is preliminary and does not include all the CDs that can be bought or ordered through us. This means that if you would like to buy a certain album, which you do not see featured in our store, just send us your wishes via e-mail ( and we'll let you know, whether we can help you in finding the album you are looking for.

If you are interested in buying Christian books (mainly in Estonian, but some in English), you have to visit our Estonian site, by clicking on the Estonian blue, black and white flag on the top left corner of the page. But beware that this version of our store is in Estonian only (but you can always ask for help from us).

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