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Growing In Prayer
Mike Bickle

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Ilmumisaasta 2014
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A powerful strategy for incorporating prayer into everyday life. As the founder of the International House of Prayer, Mike Bickle has devoted his life to understanding and practicing the principles and power of prayer. In this book he combines his biblical study with his extensive experience on the topic to give readers a complete manual on the power and practice of prayer. This book gives readers both a powerful message about understanding prayer and a solid strategy for incorporating it into their lives in a meaningful way. Topics include: -a basic overview of prayer why pray, types of prayer, the value of prayer; -establishing a personal prayer life -the Bible's two model prayers (the Lord's Prayer and John 17); -the twenty-five apostolic prayers - their characteristics, value, and importance today -the Holy Spirit and prayer - fellowship with the Holy Spirit -power and value of prophetic prayer -intimacy with God in prayer -intercession - how, why, the function of it, five outreaches of it -the goals for prayer in the world today -results of prayer in the world today

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