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Elevation Worship - Graves Into Gardens
▄LISTUS (2020-02-24)

CD hind €12.99 €14.99
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01. RATTLE! (Live)
02. My Testimony (Live)
03. Graves Into Gardens (feat. Brandon Lake) (Live)
04. The Blessing (feat. Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes) (Live)
05. Available (Live)
06. Authority (Live)
07. Never Lost (feat. Tauren Wells) (Live)
08. No One Beside (feat. Tauren Wells) (Live)
09. Have My Heart (Vamp) (Live)
10. There Is a King (Live)
11. What Would You Do (feat. Isaiah Templeton) (Live)
12. GOD SAID LIVE! (Live)

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┬╗ Graves Into Gardens CD (2020)

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