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Jesus Culture - Living With A Fire
ÜLISTUS (2018-08-31)

CD hind €12.99
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1. Move (ft. Chris McClarney)
2. Awe (ft. Chris Quilala)
3. Not Afraid (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)
4. Living With A Fire (ft. Chris Quilala)
5. Defender (ft. Katie Torwalt)
6. Center Of Your Love (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)
7. Freedom (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)
8. Anointing (ft. Chris Quilala)
9. Be Crowned (ft. Bryan Torwalt)
10. Yes And Amen (ft. Chris McClarney)
11. Beautiful Day (ft. Derek Johnson)
12. How Amazing (ft. KWS)
13. For No Other Reason (ft. Chris Quilala)

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