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Worshipmob - Carry The Fire
ÜLISTUS (2015-03-03)

Founded by Colorado Springs worship leaders Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth almost four years ago, the group began as a weekly gathering between two local worship teams. Today, the “Mob” represents 30 local churches through 70-80 ministry leaders who meet weekly to worship, pray together and encourage one another. The meetings are also “open to anyone who wants to come soak in the presence of God,” shares Mulholland.

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01. Satisfy
02. Our Father Has Won
03. Arrested By Grace
04. We Are Yours
05. Love Outran Me
06. You Make Me Brave
07. Downpour
08. Here With You
09. More & More of You
10. Light Up the World
11. Oceans / Nothing but the Blood
12. Love Break Down These Walls

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» Carry The Fire CD (2015)

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