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Keith Green - The Ultimate Collection
POP (2002)

20 Keith Greeni klassikalist lugu + DVD tema elust

CD+DVD hind €16.00
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1. You Put This Love In My Heart
2. I Can't Believe It
3. Oh Lord, You're Beautiful
4. I Want To Be More Like Jesus
5. Your Love Broke Through
6. Make My Life A Prayer To You
7. Asleep In The Light
8. My Eyes Are Dry
9. Soften Your Heart
10. He'll Take Care Of The Rest
11. You Are The One
12. So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt
13. Run To The End Of The Highway
14. Grace By Which I Stand
15. There Is A Redeemer
16. You!
17. Here Am I, Send Me
18. Rushing Wind
19. Jesus Commands Us To Go!
20. Pledge My Head To Heaven

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» The Ultimate Collection CD+DVD (2002)

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