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Marilyn Hickey

It has been said of Marilyn Hickey that her words "unravel mysteries." Millions of lives around the world have been brought out of defeat and into victory through Marilyn’s simple, yet dynamic conveyance of Bible truths.

As founder and president of Marilyn Hickey Ministries, Marilyn is being used by God to "cover the earth with his Word." Her teaching ministry is an international outreach via television, satellite, books, cassette tapes, videotapes, Bible Encounters, Revelations Encounters, and Save the Family Encounters. She also has established an on-going program of Bible and food distribution in areas of need throughout the World.

Marilyn’s message of encouragement to all believers is that today can be the best day of their lives when Jesus Christ lives big in them. In addition to her ministry, Marilyn is also a busy wife, mother, and homemaker. She is married to Wallace Hickey, the pastor of Happy Church in Greenwood Village, Colorado.


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